Yuna the fashionista!!

Yuna had made her fashion statement.So girls outhere, that wanna find some inspiration about tudung and style, follow yuna...(photo credited from LOOKBOOK)

I love those wedges. I hate wedges coz it look so lame but this is an exception. Those are from ZARA..
If u dare enough, wear this to ur class. Surely the dudes will take a glance of u.

This one is at shout award this year. Luv the combination of grey with bold colors. So brave and yet awesome!!
The sweater look like Jeremy Scott for Adidas right..

I just love this red carpet look so i made it in a large version. If u noticed and as far as i knew, Yuna is the first one to style with selendang(not tudung) at the red carpet in Malaysia..Long dress with cardigan and a belt to add the spice in it..So creative yUna.


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