Shades and Sunglasses....Every sunglasses defines you. Many people thaught,that correct shades for the correct face.Hmm,frankly speaking,from my prespective, I don't think that is correct. Model it with confident, and you will rock it.So here are some of the tips i can share with you:

  • Aviators: This shades is the most popular. I believe RAY BAN creates this shades. Actually, this shades is popular among pilots. They like to wear it when on duty or off duty. For me, RAY BAN has the best design.

    1. Armani Shades(love this whole new concept)...

      2.When buy a shades, remember to find the one who looks the best and please DO NOT EVER to have the same color of ur shirt..I mean don't match the shades with the same shirt color EXCEPT BLACK!!!

      3. FALp shades(Lady Gaga shades) is becoming a trend now..Kinda weird but cool if u have the gut to wear it..

      4.Out door men shades is designed for out door activites. So, the design is much more resistance compared to other types of sunglasses. Love the design from PUMA.

      So, if u want to buy shades, but a genuine one cause it is a long investment. It can take care of you eyes and at the same time be trendy..Good Luck


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