Saloma: A Shadow of the Malayan Fashion Muse (Sad Stories behind the Style)

Kebarong and Kebaya! Yes indeed Saloma had made those traditional wear look couture. I was inspired to do a write up about behind the scene story:
The style ignited by Saloma during the last screening of 'Saloma The Movie'.
Managed to interview with Kak Shila. One of Saloma's niece.

She said, it was a will to let ALL the P. Ramlee garments donated to arkib negara after he passed away. Same goes to Saloma, after her death, all the clothes shall be given away to arkib. But it is a different stories for Saloma. It was not a will but more towards his relatives good will.

So here is the pop, it was so sad, after several years when Kak Sheila nie, wanted to film a movie about Saloma, when she tried to call Arkib Negara, she requested a particular kebaya songket but it was particularly said, the garments is not ideal for screening as the songket does not look like songket anymore. Gosh can you imagine the feeling when something that is so iconic and it is your beloved ones, been 'torn' such way. Completely ballistic!

Another scene where in one fine day, Kak Shila was ready for a talk in one of the private tv station, a group of arkib negara people brings a rally of 'Saloma' garments to the show. When it crossed in front of Kak Shila, she clearly clarified, THIS IS NOT SALOME ONE!
Well I believe when it comes to clarify the originality of  Saloma's kebaya, who else have the best qualification instead of Saloma's niece herself, who very ofte

n went to the tv set with her.

The question here is simple, WHERE IS SALOMA GENUINE GARMENTS NOW?

Hereby, I do not want to blame anyone, let the readers think themselves:)

A big lost to our industry. Al fatihah to them.
Kak Shila and Me:)


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