Hot but Important!! Dudes only..

'Seluar dalam' or whatever they call it, is important to a man. It protects one of the most masculinity organ(do i need to tell u). Lots of my boy friends asked me,what is the best type of underwear that suit them. Here are some of tips.

We start with the type:

  1. Boxer: There are two type of boxer, one is generally call 'short' and the other one is the 'tight' version.

this is the loose version. Personally, those who are want to feel ease and not feeling sexy,wear this thing.Wear this when you are doing any exercises or need you to move with ease.

this is the thight version.Many dudes,has a wrong preception about this thing. They said,it is uncomfortable to wear this thing. Well u r wrong,because this boxer design to make ur butt look sexy and does not fit tight at ur genital area. So if u wanna feel sexy and confident use this one.

2. Thongs

Well,public perception towards this thing is a no,no cause they said only gay wore this thing. Frankly speaking, nope it is just a silly opinion. Thongs are designed to provide extra support to your testis not ur penis. It is designed such way caused thong are for people who are brave enough to wear it. Best for a men who wanna feel sexy to their spouse.Hello,women do love dude in thongs!


An undergarment version that most of the male would wear. They are the most comfortable and yet had many design. Wear this if u feel that those two types of underwear does not suit u.

So good luck guys when choosing the best undergarments for you and please no offense to those who does not like to wear anything!


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