J'adore perfumes

Let me go straight to the point. I love perfumes especially Ralph Lauren. Now, i'm wearing Polo Explorer Raplh Lauren.
I love the musky and yet soft scent,when i wore it.So here are some tips when you want to buy perfume:

1. Most of the perfume saleperson very seducive. So, make sure, to be firm with them coz u know much better what is the best for your body.

(Remember, the time i felt so extremely uneasy with this sales girl.Trying so much to force me)

2. Remember, a genuine perfume last longer and the smell cannot be the same as the fake one. Well, maybe someone will think spending for 200 bucks is not worth it but believe me, it is.

3. Try to make the sales girl spray on your skin not to the test paper cause every person smell diffrent from a same type of perfume. It is much better when you spray on your hand to know exactly either the scent is suits you.

4. Most of the perfumes counter have coffee beans for the clients to help them choose a perfumes. This is because,when you smell lots of perfumes at a time, your smell sense will go 'blur' and confuse. So take a smell from a jar of coffee beans after you smell 2 or 3 types of perfumes.

5. Budget, budget is the core of everything. Althought you bought the 'semi-fake' perfumes, nothing can beat the real one. Like i said, it is a long investment in life. And remember wearing a fake one will have sife effects such as ur skin maybe bocome itchy when wearing them.

Extra: Here are the R-spot to roll on or spray your perfume:

The back of the neck
The hand fist
Cleavage of your arm

Here are my suggestion(based on my experience wearing them):
Polo Explorer 50ml (RM 90)
Givenchy Play 150ml (RM 250)

Kenzo l'eau par (don't like so much about this perfumes.Does not last long and smell like soap)

So, have fun with your perfumes and PLEASE don't make ur perfume like 'minyak cap kapak'.


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