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LOCAL BRAND. Dulu, I am not so into these brands even I did not even notice the existence of events where they gather all the local brands and asked them to sell their collection in a mini festival.

Last two years, a fashion friend of mine, Afiq, samy tanya lah dia whether he knows any interesting fashion events around KL, and he introduced me to tempatan fest at Dataran Underground. Man! Takut bai, when i heard the word under ground je mcm ingat a dark places with all those Gothic or even a dark fashion that is not into me. HAAAA, from there lah, samy tahu pasal lokal brand nie semua 
*mmg ejaan dia LOKAL BRAND sbb insta pakai hashtag semua tuh..

From there juga lah samy kenal dengan founder Malaysia Distro nie, bro Shahril. So the story begins:
Since I was in Malacca for my semester break, so samy tolong lah lend a hand for him to be his crew for MelakaDeka 2014. BANYAK! Sangat banyak ak belajar tentang event management dari dia. Well there are some shits happen to us during this event, but Alhamdulillah, we managed to went through this phase. Macam mat salleh cakap lah, SHITS DO HAPPEN!

I am so used to high couture fashion line mcm Melinda Looi, Jovian Mandagie, but when I am mingling among them, the environment is completely different. Not saying which side is better, but in this industry we need both of them to spice things up.Giteww! So for 3 days 3 nights, samy di kerahkan under marketing stuffs mcm tuh. 
Banyak brand yg berjaya capture my insight and paling samy bangga sekali ialah MOST OF THEM, are bloody young and they had started their own business. Ade yang semuda 16 tahun kot! Perrrr betul2 mencabar jiwa nk berniaga samy kot. So here are some of the brand yang samy rase DOPE!

The muse and management team behind the brand.

"Abg, tolong kitorg bang, takut ah sbb nie first time ktorg join benda alah mcm nie"..
Ingat lagi mcm mane dorg approach samy. So samy tolong lah dorg set up buat layout booth dorg and turn out not bad gak lah..Samy suka brand nie sbb semangat dorg nk berniaga and dorg sangatlah respect org. Xsombong and xtakut nk belajar dari org lain. Plus dorg2 nie semua umo sangatlah muda. Around 18 to 20 years.
And samy suka design baju dorg. These guys, yes they use fonts as their main subject tapi, they make the 'V' letter, looks completely different. Dalam hati ada taman nie. A bit touch of feminity but a strong solid font of other alphabets.
Samy paling suka sweater dorg not because of the design but the fabric they choose. They kinda have a high taste of fabric selection and yet sell it at a very affordable price. They use a premium quality cotton, they kinda feel like a thin wool, and you will feel super comfortable in it. Xterlalu panas and xterlalu nipis kain dorg. 10 marks to them!
Dah tahu taste dorg bukan calang2, sbb the choise of vocab tuk brand dorg pun dah tahu. 'Vesture' is a classic english synonymy to garments. Curlass kot vocab tuh. T leh guna dalam kerja buat press release samy nanti.
Ranges clothing apparel dorg, from 70 to 150 mcm tuh. Ok lah tuh super affordable.
Instagram : Vesture Clothing

CEO bersama selebriti mereka

CEO dia punya peramah, sangat lah tinggi. Haha seriously had so much fun lepak with these awesome team. Dah nama org Melaka, so when we gather together, haaa kuar lah bahasa melaka nyer! Kahau tapi jiwa kami baik. Hehehe promote org Melaka jap. Brand nie, samy suka sebab tertarik dengan nama yang dorg pilih yakni 'Kami Nation'. Apa yang samy dapat tangkap dari nama dia, ialah mcm konsep satu Malaysia lah. Their concept more to promoting Malaysian way of life. Contoh, kalau tgk design baju dorg "We are Malaysian- We Proud!".. Haaa giteww, tapi kan kalo pakai baju mcm nie, promote kat atlet2 negara kita yang p bertanding mewakili negara, awesome kot! Feeling dia lain sikit. 

Weh, samy pernah literally titiskan air mata bile dengar lagu NEGARAKU berkumandang di luar negara.  So kalo berminat, singgah ke instagram dorg yer:

Instagram: KamiNation

Their muse!

Ramai yang xtahu, Malaysia Distro sebenaunya ade brand, and they call it 'PostoMan'. Their muse is monkey. From cute looking sifat dia fefeling mcm the cutest creature in this planet to muka mcm penyagak mcm pernah bunuh org banyak kali. Haa mcm movie Planet of Apes nyer monkey tuh. What I can say, their brains teramat lah genius tahap dewa. They caters to all kinds of customers and I shall say mmg design dorg tersangat lah fresh. Sometimes they do design tshirt based on their carnival venue, mcm MelakaDeka, dorg banyak main font not their muse.

Instagram: Malaysia Distro


First time samy dengar nama brand nie, tetibe jadi budak baru masuk sekolah balik belajar menyebut perkataan. Haa rupanya dorg adaptasi dari lagu fav artist dorg, eminem, so tajuk lagu tuh berzerk and they added 'x' to make it more haunted i guess. Hehe. Maksud wording tuh, haunted games. So design dorg xlah pakai saka semua bagai, tp menunjukkan dorg suka design towards randomness and use that as their core concept. Mcm haunted kan, sana sini berkeliaran. Design dorg yg ade 'peacock' tuh mmg smart tp tuh lah samy prefer kalo peacock tuh dorg buat print pakai foil. Bling2, and shining2 giteew!
And lagi satu they come from Melaka. Sangatlah susah samy nk tgk anak muda melaka berminat nk masuk dalam bidang fashion2 nie. Tp they have the balls to set up their own store in Kota Fesyen MiTC Melaka, and the CEO is just bloody 19 years old! Hadek with a mature minded braind. Mcm Tun Mahathir kot cara dia berfikir!

Instagram: Berzxerk

So to the lokal brands out there, it is high time to support these brands as they have QUALITY, FUTURE, and of course, THEY ARE IN TREND!


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