Another Side of Sam Syadeed Samat: Fashion Styling

Hello everyone! Been away for quite sometime. Lots had happened in the fashion industry while am away from this blog. My fav! FASHION WEEKS!

We had the Spring Summer 2015 collection showcase in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, after that follow up by New York Fashion Week and the latest was Milan Fashion Week. *One day I will be in one of those attending fashion week.

Well, here it goes. Last few weeks ago, I became a creative director for a fashion spread representing an accessories brand name; Aisha Wong. The photo shoot was the first professional ever I involved in many years in this industry. Normally, I will do it for the sake of hobby without any penny, but this time I decided to make my bread and butter out of it.

Alhamdulillah, within 6 hours of photo shoot, the make up process and of course selecting the best accessories to be the main subject for this photo shoot, all turn up well.

*Pictures can be view at my instagram account :

So anyone of you guys especially fashion line, I am happy to rebrand your brand and help you to make YOUR LOOK BOOK. Just email me at!


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