This is NOT a head transplant but it is Syoss Colors! with a touch from Alia Bastaman!

Yeah I know the hair looks stunning kan. Mcm wig, but it is not!

My first time used Syoss product was during Jovian FS in Pullman where all the media received a set of shampoo from them. Well now more than 3 weeks, I can feel the difference. Bouncy like beyonce kot. Ok that is just too exaggerating. Haha but seriously love the moisture ranges. And I just believe the product under Schwarzkopf. Yes
INDEED, Syoss is under Schwarzkopf.

But this time they launch colors ranges product. From a very Paris Hilton blondie to a very Kate Middleton brownish hair. I just love the big and curly hair like Solance.. I mean big in a very decent way yeah people! Ain't talking about anyone!

ALIA BASTAMAM, she is the one designing those beautiful dresses that compliments the colors! Brilliant designs!
Who's in the house?

I kinda like this jumpsuit!Alia is very good define the body!

She looks like Lupita aite> Beautiful!

So, the sale already waved out to the markets in the early January 2014, so check it out:)


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