Melinda Looi ignites Harimau Malaya!

*Photo credited to talented artist: Sarah Shamsuddin. She's great with photos with just a simple basic camera!

Double thumbs up to both public figures: YB Khairy and Melinda Looi. At last, our Malaysian team have the exclusiveness of wearing something that is fresh and chic, not to forget semi- couture design! We might not BE THE SAME LINE WITH THE EUROPEANS in terms of the medals, but at least WE ARE A PAR WITH THE Italians with their Dolce & Gabanna suits, or even British with their PAul Smith suits.

During the recent launching of new athletes uniform for the Malaysian national sports team designed by Melinda Looi in Majlis Sukan Negara, I just adore they way Melinda put elegance element but still have the elements of sporty in those garments.

Named as "Malaysian Heroes' collection, I have a very good feeling about this design. I managed to interview one of our top Malaysian body builder; Mr Sazali Samad. 

"These days, the athletes is so lucky being treated such way and during my time, it was not that luxury compare these days. But it is not about the garments we care, but the spirit of winning medals for our country!"

I strongly suggest Melinda can take Farah as the next model. I can see her in Jovian runway, and who knows in KL fashion week next year?

I love the baju melayu and it is Melinda signature to put a little bit of army elements in the baju melayu.

Melinda, can I have one of the jackets? Super cool!

Melinda saying hye to the readers.

MY FAV DESIGN...This can be a perfect baju raya!

The fabric and patterns make this outfit super luxury. I can see this thing in the next IFF!

Bergambar dengan model + atlet nie! He is super cool!

The Malaysian athletes in their latest kit for Malaysian Heroes by Melinda Looi!

I salute KJ for his thoughts on how powerful fashion can be when it comes to lift someone spirit! I dare to say, when we wear something that has a value on it plus such  great design, somehow it can make the sprit of 'Harimau Malaya' membara! FASHION IS POWERFUL!

Btw, you guys can get the supporters kit, soon!

*Hoping to see Bon Zainal design our footballers suits!


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