Wax, Mousse and lots of hair grooming products in the store these days for men. So guys, this is my review on my personal experience using all of these brands:

My top fav product is:


When they mentioned unmessable style, THEY REALLY MEANT IT...well am a student and of course, motorcycle would be your porshe, so wearing a helmet after you had set all ya hair, it like washing away your arts with acid. BUT, this wax, do maintain ya style as you just restyle ya hair using just ya fingers and it will come to the desired look. 

Price wise, superbly affordable as cost you less than 13 bucks. But in terms of packaging, I shall say, ideal for travelling as it safe lots of space instead of the typical block packaging.


Set & Keep!!! Main words at the packing describe what the product does. I love the idea of having a spalsh of some hair spray after applying wax, just to give the hair natural shine and at the same time to make sure the grooming is next to perfection. 

I'll always amazed by the top male model on runway with those natural extra sleek shine hair. This product gives you such. The price is around less than 16 bucks. But, one thing I DON'T LIKE about this product, it is kinda hard to wash off the product with just water. You need to use lots of shampoo just to make sure all those spray are gone.


GLOSSY (checked),
Weightless (DOUBLE checked)
Strong hold (a bit doubt)

If you people wanted to go for a dandy look with a spiky hair, choose this product.It said to be inspired from street style and I should say, I admire the packaging. Simple and chic!

In terms of price, not so worth it for a student. A bit expensive but ok for people who does not have a tight budget. When you wash your hair, make sure you use shampoo first before applying this product. Just to make the cleaning process much easier.

Those are the hair grooming products, I had been using for the past 5 years. Do make my hair beautifully sculptured, yet clean look.

*Tips: apply baby oil before you apply wax, to give vibrant and volume to your hair.

GOOD LUCK GUYS in making your hair look like Cullen's family:)


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