Jovian Mandagie: Ways to be a normal hijabers to hijabnista!!!!


all those three words are bombarded when I attended Jovian's hijab workshop in his boutique at Jalan Maarof.

When i step into the boutique, the first floor collections wows me compliments with  the decent and good hospitality from theirs superstars staff.


Amy, the head brand said this was their first time doing such events to introduce to the potential market about their hijab line. The ranges is not bad, from RM 199 till RM 500....people don't you dare say it is not a GOOD price!!Bloody reasonable!!!

This hijab line consists of half moon cut and syria cut. The fabrics made from chiffon georgette and spandex slik with satin.

One of the participants Fara and Zuliana said "I love Jovian hijab line cause 2 main reason; the FABRIC and QUALITY...the shawl is easy to handle and not easy to find a plain shawl with patterns like this one.One and Only!

This is my fav cause the design reminds me of S/S 13 by prada

The signature branding on most of the hijab collection.

The brand ambassador... Should say it is a wise choice jovian!

How hectic the condition was!

Happy face by the sporting participants!!

Beautifully awesome participants!

I think this thing inspired by candy crush game...J''adore

So during the people buka their shawl for another style to learn, I do a petite boutique visit all 3 floors.

So below is the ambassador explain what is going on there.

So here some of the hijab tuturiol 



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