Our, We, Us WEDDING HERITAGE (modernize)

I went to a show last month and all are about wedding, wedding AND WEDDING* memang skang nie musim mengawan#eh..hehe

Let me introduce ya all to OUR MALAY heritage wedding gown. just define the nature of a MALAY culture itself; SOPAN(polite)..much fabric cover the body.
hmm the details for this BAJU KURUNG (a malay traditional cloth wear by women) a bit messy.I think if those menjalar2 jalar thingy being burnt better.*devil cried

Love the idea of making the cliche' BAJU MELAYU (a malay traditional cloth wear by males) 5 buttons holes into just two.and the gold just a compliment to the olive green fabric.

Well the western, have philip treacy to make couture hats, WE the Malays, have our own version of couture hat made by the fine Songket(a type of fabrics usually hand made) fabric.Silver and green.Nice

Lace never die in a modern cut of a baju kurung. The veil just perfect. All the hand made sew made this dress so Haute couture.

One of the fashion show did that time. Manage to sneak in at the back stage. Gosh, this IS FOR DISPLAY AND FAIRY TALE PURPOSES! no one should wear that kind of hat during ya wedding day!!!

Nice layering technique done there. Violet seems right in this peach pink.

J'adore the baju melayu cut. The accessories define and make that baju melayu FROM WOW to *faint..

These two garment are my bottom of the list.Maybe they are just to much. Or the color.Hmm guys what do you think???


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