Youth Voices through FASHION!!!

WENT to this workshop about the youth action towards transforming the country to be a better Malaysia. So i believe, the youth did that through THE SENSE OF THEIR STYLING!!!

Here are some of the people i noticed, that 'wow' me but i believed there is lot more but i managed to snap these only.

So let us start with a traditional wake up fashion:

See, that sunflower really did a great job saying "good morning, let me shine and be the spotlight tonight " to d people at the dinner girl! I love the earringS. BIG AND BOLD..beautiful kot. the earrings reminded me of the vintage chanel earring wore by audrey hepburn in the 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' movie.

So moving on to the color of century: TANGERINE ORANGE

k MY BAD..forget to snaps at d details.i really adore the details at the baju kurung. the lip lap2 here and there, make it even more stunning.the buttons glorifies the idea of combining 2 cultures in one cloth. Chinese and Malays. nicely done there. another orange stuff, i love during this workshop is this bag:

Strips with bold color. Gosh, nothing wrong with that! This bag is so in the marc by marc jacobs style.

Now, we go into this Bangladesh traditional cloth. i believe it is kurta wear with the turban.gosh dying with the color!!!:

THEN, got one girl really impress me by the way she choose what to wear. She managed to change an office outfit into A CHIC LOOK!

Just love everything. the shirt, cardigan, bags,hair dressing, skirt to the heels. Hmm, if she plays with some colors would be better. Maybe some striking yellow slim belt?

Second scene: Tengah makan2 here and there, and masa nak minum air sirap, tersedak jap. cause i noticed a vintage chanel bag (white in color), is just besides me. gosh, cepat2 snap pic bag tuh:

ur eyes like burning right??? gosh the details of geometrical lines is so "xlapuk dek hujan" lah..

lagi satu one of the camera man, i curi2 snap pic kasut dia. footylicious: the grey is the new black!

So to end my post here, just wanna make your eyes pop out, i snap a diamond ring that cost around 6k...gosh first time to hold that kind of Jewel (btw, it is from HABIB)

Just a fast one, guess, who own that??? tips, not a datin!


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