bella ...the dress that wows vampire

The ring!!!!!! The buttons!!!! Lace gonna be so this year!!!
K that was the three FASHION STATEMENT i can make from d above picture;)

Carolina Herrara (the dress designer) said to the People Mag, "the back is full of suprice...It is romantic...."Yeah of course!!...nOT TO say about the 1000 of blossoms flowers to decorate the wedding of the century
(huhuhu since edward said to bella "i had been waiting hundreds years to marry you")

The buttons really make the booty tooch a sucess.
Gosh carolina is such gifted to define woman's shape people..Ya all should check her collection.

All is well fitted and cut (hmm if not, they won't call it haute couture right>)

There, i was totally feel like "oh, k just the plain wedding dress i'had seen"when i see at the front look of the dress (had to admit the bone checker cut along the dress is perfect..olala).but when the camera's angle change to the bella's back...fuhhh all those skeptical views went off!!!

made by Carolina Herrara,
price around $35, ooo,
a piece only!!!

Another thing that catch my breath, is the HEELS...designed by the great shoes couturier MANOLA BLAHNIK....embed with crystals and WHITES never goes wrong in a wedding..well the price kinda bling ur pockets though ($1000++ )..gonna be out in the store NEXT YEAR.


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