fashionable hospital attire

Who said you can't stay glam while you are in a hospital? You can maintain your sense of fashion even thought you are in a hospital...

Well, i did this post because I am bed ridden since friday in a hospital now, due to an accident. Don't worry, I'm ok.thank Allah;)

ok back to our main topic. simple,when you are sick you want to feel COMFORTABLE and easy to wear garments, right?
Here are some of the tips:

  1. BRING a trench coat....easy to use , no need inner wear or what..the best stick to dark colors like black or khakis..

photo taken: comparestoresprices
note: since most of the hospital is air condition, trench coat is the most suitable to keep you WARM and FASHIONABLE;)

2. Kain Pelekat/ Kain Sarung/ Kain Jawa (Malaysian terms)
I think this is the most suitable garments to cover your under PART. Easy to do your NATURE'S CALLING, elangance and AT THE same time maintaining MALAY CULTURE.

note: just stick to the bold-light concept in matching your attire.

So, stay vogue where ever you want but DON'T MAKE BED RIDDEN IS A HABIT K;)


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