A touch of ELAGANCE and WHITE;)

ELEGANCE: something that is eye candy and yet simple NOT eccentric.


Although the food does not reach my expectation, but it was ONE HELL OF GREAT NIGHT. cAME there as behalf of PUAN FARINA, and yet THEY made it one of the UNFORGETTABLE senior year.

THANKS, MERCI, to all of the new meats and juniors of ENGLISH SOCIETY of UiTMPP.

inspired by the PRADA spring and summer collection, that was the idea of my attire that night.
  1. slim cut of dark black with a white lining details
  2. chinos black slack pants
  3. combination of black white classic cut PVC shoe with a piece of contemporaneity sandals.


sHE won the best dress...believe IF YA all refer to my old post about YUNA, ya will find the combination of chic and islamic in the attire. love her killer heels.


love her clutch...COCO CHANEL really made the black and white elements goes well together..her clutch reminds me of NOSE CLUTCH.

she did very well on understanding elements of ELEGANCE in her accessories. Nice tip toe flats.

the corset really defines her body to be in appropriate for the eyes especially to the men ones.

Who said you can't look like alice in the wonderland but look beautiful that night. She looks so cute and this sense of mixing is perfect for her body. Don't forget about the killer shoes:

shoes, shoes, shoes, and the list still go on

"WHERE'S THE DUDES SAM!!!!!!!" bet those MAYBE in your mind right now...here 'CANDIES' for ya all.

EMPORIO ARMANI...the first taught when i glanced towards his non sleek pants..super fitted to the leg, defines and make his leg looks thin and tall. and the color, endless grey, one of the new color of the season and can bring something new to the cooperate industry...

the way he projecting his style: LOOSEN UP tie with a messy look hair..superb for the ladies...'xcaye, byk awek terkesima ngan ko dude that night'....

So here are the two other best dress guys PICKED by the audiences..

LAST AND THE LIST GONNA STOP RIGHT HERE... the best dress and the best accessories

this called the ENDLESS BEAUTY and the true meaning of ELEGANCE...need a little effort to make it look stunning... unfortunately, she can't be one of the finalist in the best dress CAUSE SHE'S THE master of ceremony...WAY TO GO girl

note:terkejut masa dia cakap, tudung tuh dia buat sendiri..heheh, leh buat dress line sendiri nie;)


NOT YET.....no one can't beat her..she's like the editor in the movie 'THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA' (i mean the sense of style NOT THE ATTITUDE..argg,hate that bitch.)...catchy and stunning.. MADAM SUZANA...



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