Yuna, street look _o_'

I get noticed that many muslimah youngster getting to implement YuNA red carpet look into a more casual and chic look. Some of them really make YuNa boyish look (CHECK look) into their daily clothes. Here are some of the girls that captured my eyes on these two concept. :)

the first lady( ceh, i mean not the first lady, THE FIRST LADY, takut kene gam kan blog nie)

spotted: the red selendang!!!
SYAZ, used the CHECK look (check refer to the geometrical pattern of the shirt) and this look always rock by the boys BUT the girls just have their own aura..

Check those black lace flats. So into now and seems like heels gonna be the second place of the chart. Way to go gal!!

Just to add the feminine side in this look, she choose the classic tote khakis leather bag. KHAKIS IS THE BLACK!!! J'adore the gold buckles details.

I called YUNA scarf 'tudung kelam- kabut' (but in a nice way), a maxi dress with a belt (noted that the belt was knot like michael kors spring n summer 2011;xcy refer to my 'men's spring and summer 2011 post), some long sleeve crazy tops or cardigan, with the heels.

2) AZWIN, really implement Yuna RED CARPET look into more suitable to be wear at streets. NIce thought...reminded me of Yuna LOOKBOOK garments..

The gypsy scarf totally in trend now. Love the gems there. (First thought tgk tudung style nie, mesti terseksa pakai, sbb nampak mcm berat sebelah je..huhu)

plus the grey defines everything about the look. She made it look stunning grey with light green(not that easy to match grey loh)

Noted the double layer look..white with green..Very political color indeed(i mean so in the color)

The flowery flats (reminded me of CHRISTIAN DIOR couture collection; refer to my christian dior couture post)..Made her fashion statement there.

Nice skirt thought...Instead of the maxi dress (yuna red carpet look), she wear a skirt (GREEN flower details; mmg ikut spring and summer 2011 look lah) with a tank top with green emerald cardigan. HELL TWO THUMBS up... so chic and yet suitable for out thing pieces.

take this girl for an example:
  • bold baju kurung (check)
  • contra color handbag; yellow ground made the look.stick to tote or shoulder bag (check)
  • black 'tudung kelam- kabut' knot (check)
  • white and black flats; CHANEL did that, the geometrical patterns so so GIVENCHY (check)

I just love this type of sarong...I believed they called 'the Javanese sarong'..

The leopard scarf really made an impact of that baju kurung..FIERCE GAL!!

check this CHARLES AND KEITH black with gold chain strap bag...awesome!!

Note: getting bored and annoyed about yuna scarf look like a nun..pwehhh...common on, don't make me shot you and throw you in a pool of YUNA FANS....


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