Oh My "Coach". It's hurting me!!!!!!

Just quoted from the film 'pisau cukur'. So gedik but a nice film. Anyway, the story is, in my class, there had been a minor kiosk. How shall i say? The trouble is between some of the girls inside my class. I WOULD like to make a statement here that not all but some of the girls keep fighting over sillies things.

Xkesah lah kan. But why are guys are fighting over pussies???

The answer is damn simple,dude>that is nature of being human.

Wait off tracks>>

So,my life is being more stressful, when being burden by all those assignment. Food Science kene buat food processing lah, Marketing kene buat about a Malaysian's product and its packaging. Tgh tunggu french assignment. Lagi lah HELL!!!! Lagi satu, had to do a well prepared speech for my BEL subject...so so so Louis Vuitton...

jUST pray to Allah, that these bullshit will end as soon as possible cause once i going back to my hometown, the first thing i need to do is SHOPPING!!!!!!!


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