New Experince...

I remember for the first time i enter my Malay debate competition. It was a kiosk. I mean can u imagine, i enter a competition with all those who have experience in debate, while I'm just a first timer. But Alhamdulillah, my debate team had win the first place for that competition. Didn't expect that much.

Last two days, I had enter a public speaking competition for my university's event. The theme is courtesy is our legend. Some sort like that. My speech is about 'COURTESY IN MALAYSIANS WAY'.

i only manage to get third place upon 11 contestant. Mula2 mcm x setuju lah, tp what do u expect for the first timer for me. I'll try my best for the next event.

Habis tuh makan dinner kat hotel UiTM Penang for the first time. Quite worth it for 10 bucks to get appetizer, main course and dessert.


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