GO ASEAN: Jalan Situ Sana Sini di ASEAN Countries

What's up readers!

Been long time didn't update the blog. Samy banyak dapat invitation event, mostly launching here and there.

Cakap pasal launching nie, Samy dapat jemputan ke preview for Go Asean new television programmes Channel atau dalam bahasa eventnya : GOASEAN Upfronts 2016. Event nie sangat flawless. Ada benda Samy nak cerita...

So basically it is an event where they introduce the world first channel that focus on Asian cultures to promote their tourism, such as community- based tourism, entertainment and also biz opp.

Dalam channel nie, they have 10 new travelling shows:
Nie lah host nyer

1) Off the Hook

For people yang suka ikan, xkisah lah anak ikan ker, bapak ikan ker, they share with you the best place to go pancing!
Nadiyah Shahab

2) Lost at Sea

Kira mcm survivor gitu. Host dia Nadiyah Shahab, nie got to a new place with nothing and been given tasks to complete it within one day. Macam amazing race pun ad gak!

Cuba tengok snapshot of this channel: https://youtu.be/U3hkLMe4Yk0

3) Strange Encounters

Nama dia pun dah tahu. Tempat pelik2, paranormal activites gitew. Tapi Sam rasa this concept is very refreshing. They make a tourim industry from the angle of superstitious places to visit. HOST dia pun macam muka- muka ghost buster. Nama dia pun fulamak, unique giler; Josiah Hogan. Teringat macam Hulk Hogan kan

4) Go Fast or Go Home

Host dia nie, pemandu F1; Daniel Woodroff, dia pergi ke Asean nyer kampung2 lawan dengan local champions in traditional and cultural races. One of them is boat racing. Sepe benda laju-laju, this is dedicated for you

5) Supper Heroes

Baca sekali nampak macam super hero superman tuh kan. Baca lagi sekali, it is supper. Late night punya melantak. So diorg nie jadi hero lah share tempat-tempat untuk cari makanan during supper. Selalunya, orang ASEAN mmg terkenal dengan lantak tengah malam nie. Termasuk Samy lah. hehe

6) Halal Foodie

Bila Samy pergi Jepun, memang sukar nak cari makanan halal. But not to worry, our beloved Papi Zak akan tlg kita cari tempat makanan halal di ASEAN countries. Tengah mencari- cari makanan halal tuh, si Papi nie akan cari Muslim friendly attractions untuk u alls cari kalau melancong ke negara itu. Waa baku sekali bahasa hamba.

7) Happy Endings

Si Papi Zak and Razif Hashim bergabung untuk share dengan penonton tempat- tempat di ASEAN countries, the sights, smells, sounds and culture of these countries.

8) Go Travel Season 2

Or in other word it is a travel magazine show. Dorang travel untuk discover the hidden locales, interviews with industry hotshots.

9) The Eco Traveller

Ini mmg best. Dorang gabungkan the beauty of nature with travelling. Host dia pun World Wildlife Fund Ambassador (Rovilson Fernandez). Sesuai sangat. Practically they are sharing with you all to get the green tips from travelling. Travel without being harm to the earth. giteww!

10) FoodMaps

A show that Samy akan suka giler tengok. A show share specifically nak cari makanan mana yang best kalau kita melancong kat negara ASEAN nie. They guarentee you all, tempat yang diorg pergi memang makanan yang tersangat lah awesome.

Lagi satu yang best about this GO ASEAN, they have LetsGoNow online travel booking system di www.goasean.com. You can compare the rates from flight fares, hotel, airport transfers. All in one platform. Cool dow, sbb benda ini vital ok. Kalau macam Samy nie, travel bawa duit ciput jer, benda ini sangat membantu yer kawan- kawan! Apa lagi!
Pergi ler layarai www.goasean.com!

Support lah, kata support ASIAN BRAND, so  tune in ke CHANNEL 737 ASTRO. Asyik duk tgk omputeh nyer travel show, apa lagi pakat meh tengok khazanah ASEAN lah. 




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