Ways to keep your collar from makeup stains

It is a 101 tips where having at least 

one fine white
 shirt in your wardrobe is a must. One thing for sure, a precious items such this need an extra mile to take care the virginity of the t shirt. I mean, to maintain a white stays white, holaaaa, let me tell ya'all it is not easy.

ONE of the main issue is seeing your make up falling off to your white beauty collar. These are some simple ways to make sure the white stays white.

Make translucent powder your best mate. After all your hours of make up, the last layer of it, dust some translucent powder to your face and focus on your jawline. Do not apply at your neck. It is like a setting powder.

Stay away from putting foundation or any powder form of make up to your neck. Instead to get the sharp look a like Tyra Banks jawline, focus on the JAW not the neck.

Spray some make up setting. Ala, this usually sold in make up store to set your make up and stays longer

If you want to touch up, put tissues at your collar before applying powders as the particles tend to fall to your collar.



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