ONE OF A KIND FASHION FEST: Kuala Lumpur Hijab International Fest 2015 @PWTC Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


 Banyak fashion fest yang Samy pergi,one and only a fashion fest yang unique is Kuala Lumpur Hijab International Fair (KLIHF) 2015. I really respect the way how Woj Sdn Bhd atau Women of Jannah (WOJ), the organizer establish this fest. Let me share you the 10 facts about Kuala Lumpur International Hijab Fair (KLIHF) 2015:

1.      Sepanjang 3 days in the fest ( from 29 May till 31 May 2015), they prepare a special slot to performs the prayers imam by the famous Ustaz like Ustaz Don, and Ustaz Amin Idris …I meant like every solat fardhu they did that. How awesome is that? Subanallah!


2. It is a business to business and business to consumer concept. Maksud concept nie mcm in one roof, they not only have fashion brands but also , suppliers, and consumer in one roof.

3.      More than 250 booths, 50 programs, 50 celebrities. How cool is that. Among of them is Mizz Nina, Diana Amir, Altimet and banyak lagi la.

4.      It takes a year to prepare this event. From the selection of venue, till the seeking of financial  support, all carefully done to make sure this event is barakah

5.      All the crews get fully participation from the students of Kolej Komuniti Malaysia. They came all over the Malaysia.

6.      They managed to attract not only Moslem visitors but also Non Moslem Visitors.

7.      Ikon Fashion Ukhwah where they selected famous blogger who have their own followers around the world. Not only in Malaysia but also from Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

8.      Their fashion show restricted only to Ladies and even Male reporters not allowed to enter. The photo selection to be release to the media, will carefully selected to make sure it is the cloth highlighted not the model. Later in the post, samy akan share pandangan Ustaz Amin on this matter. Quite interesting how he answered it.
9.      Use the concept of Hijabis in the City as the main theme for this year KLIHF. They have three main fashion show throughout the period, ‘London Mind The Gap’, ‘Dubai The Golden  Souk’, and Mumbai The Style Capital.
10.    Sepanjang event, ada slot tazkirah setiap hari selepas solat Maghrib.
So ladies and gentleman, tomorrow will be the last day of KLHIF 2015, so ayuh pakat ramai-ramai datang event nie.

Subanallah, sebelum Samy nak masuk dunia fesyen nie, lots of my peers especially my parents mcm xnak bagi involved, BUT FROM THIS KIND OF FEST, IT JUST MAKE MY BELIEFE TO DAKWAH VIA FASHION IS POSSIBLE!
Jazakallah for the invitation J


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