ou know the feeling of wearing make up especially you wear it heavy and the fuss of removing it without a trace.

Samy nyer biggest problem, was removing eye liner or anything eye make up. If you don't remove the eye make up properly, it will create the illusion "Eh, mata mcm kene tumbuk ngan org jer" or even "haiyo, you berapa lama xtido loh!" KAN??

So, samy ternampak this one brand where this brand bring the art of removing make up to another level.  

Coz' of my skin status, this is the best.


One thing I like about this range, they are specifically design to remove ya make up. It is made of contents that will help to remove all the make up.

Normally, I will only use a wet wipes, sbb always on the go, kalau nk solat, nk senang buang make, i choose the wipes lah. tapi when i used this particular product, JUST LOVE IT. with a small amount (pea size kot), all those shading menjela2, and fabulous contouring, hilang begitu sahaja. Especially the eye area. I gosok2 kt bahagian kening, semua hilang kesan2 pencil eyebrow tuh.
The price quite reasonable though RM 17.50 


 Looking forward to use this wipes, but it is a bit pricey though. Well, NIVEA, is an international brand,comes with quality, so it shows from their price tag.

You know in the show biz, wearing make up is consider a routine for anyone who appears in front of the camera, Make up tuh kalo tepuk, satu dunia berdebu, kalo lagi tebal, lagi bagus, katanya. Tuh yang the media duk portrayed to the public.

So NIVEA, inspire to do a campaign to help under privilege women, by using the concept of 'naked' face, celebrating 9 celebrities under one roof, to speak about getting sponsors to help this women and symbolic to that, they shoot WITHOUT MAKE UP in front of the camera.

I just love Atilia, the tvc with the theme song " Cause You Are Beautiful",
 Love the lyric,

            "Beauty shown comes from within and be brave
                      So now, take the day, and face world and proudly we proclaim
                        And I know you much got better more that pretty face".....


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