Bijutsu in Japan 美術

Ishall say, the Japanese show their love to the country by making sure Japan is a clean country. When i mentioned clean, it is not the cliché clean, but completely outrageous clean. I can detect that even when I on board with Japan Airlines. Their bathroom is super clean and no messy water within the basin. 

Even i personally can feel the aura of hygienic from the cabin crews grooming. Not too much make up but just a clean fresh look with a light hair sprayed hair. Even when i touched down the Narita International Airport, i can't see any trash around even the trash bin is not place everywhere. That comes to my point; discipline. A standing aviation to the Japanese as they have the mentality of taking care their own trash. As the group moved to Tokyo for the accommodation, it is so hard to see any litters along the road side and trash bins and yet the surrounding so ease to the eyes  

Move on to their hospitality. I was in the customer service line for more than years, and I shall say Japan do have an excellent customer service. I experience that on the first day i arrived in Japan where i claim insurance from Japan Airlines where my luggage lost one of the rollers. The way they greeted me, the way they handle a disputed customer is very professional even that officer can’t speak English well. I am completely satisfied with the service they offered me. Even when I was staying in the hotels, the expectation is the same as hotels in Malaysia. All well mannered, polite, and well groomed. The only differences were, at the last hotel which was the Narita View Hotel. I like how they organized their organization pillars by making sure different personnel from each department have their own uniform. For example, the personnel from cleaning department, they have a well fitted uniform. Kudos to that.

Jackets: Winter collection by Camel Active
Bag: Benny Classic Wear
Gloves: Daiso Japan
Pants: Old Navy
Sneakers: Puma Limited Edition
Scarf: Jeddah collection
Cap: Brands Outlet
Shirt: Abstrax Collection by Jingga

Apart of it, their working culture is above my expectation par. One thing for sure, they do take punctuality seriously. If someone breaches the promise in terms of time, they will feel offended by that. 

Even if you are late within seconds, they will seriously mock you. I experienced that with my host family. When I visited their broadcasting companies, i can feel they are really into their jobs. Even when they explaining something to you, they will try the very best to make sure you understand even the language can be the main communication barrier. From there comes to my next point, the language. Yes, i do feel a little bit disappointed when i expect the front liners where they are the first line to greet international tourist and yet they can’t even speak basic English. I shall say they must improve that part as they are the host for Olympic 2020. Even most of their signboard is in Japanese. It would be a major trouble for international tourist.

Breakfast for us

Shoes: Clarks Spring Summer
Denim: Old Navy
From there, i want to talk about how Japan make fashion to be a part of their main economy to the development of their country. In Malaysia, not all the people see fashion industry as something can bring profit to the country but a different story in Japan. Since they care about cleanliness and being hygienic, it shows through their sense of style. For 10 days of staying in Japan, i cannot see any clothing choice that shows you are poor. 

When I asked the tour guide about beggars in Japan, they said, we do have beggars but very few and normally they will live under bridges and when the government wanted to help them, they refused to accept the charity. They want to stay unknown as they are hiding from the collector debts. When I was strolling along side of the road in Tokyo, they do love the dandy look and the selection of colors and fabrics do define Japanese people. 

They prefer dark colors and faux pax fur for the fabrics selection. It portrays them as a loving and kind hearted person but love to stay down to earth and anonymous.

 By far, this was the best business vacation i had and there is a high possibility to come back again to Japan! Thank you so much to the Japanese government for sponsoring me, Jice for conducting this fabulous event and KPM for taking care of my welfare along the period. Domo arigato gozaimatsu!


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