SEX DOES SELL! The first thing that captured my eyes was the way it spearheaded the campaign, through masculinity and sex. Both elements combined in flush with the design of a semi casual chic and well fitted polo t-shirt. Campaign by Ben Firdaus through his latest label ( The Gentlemens) *up until now, I don't get it why he put a 's' at the back of the word 'gentlemen'

I remembered it was RenĂ© Lacoste who was created this Polo Tshirt and then coined by Ralph Lauren, who then made this shirt possible to wear not only by tennis player but also a dandy guy.
So, when it comes to local designer, there are not much of a designer put polo tshirt as their master pieces.
When I received an invitation to attend 'The Gentlemens' fashion show, indeed, I was mesmerizing the short promo video through their instagram. It is genius! 

J'adore the interior designer touch for the boutique (located at unit 10-26, Aras 10, Plaza Azalea, Seksyen 14, Shah Alam). 

 It feels like a home shopping boutique. I do feel comfortable shopping here. If you look at the interior, it took the major color palette presented in his label : Black Pearl, Magenta, and Navy Blue.

3812? A Symbolism of the last 4 digits in the designer mobile numbers. The numbers itself was the platform, Ben build his empire from a wedding planner in  Qarmasutra Weddings & Events to a fashion designer.
Something new. Inspiration can be everywhere, anything, and anywhere. The arts speak for itself.

What makes a polo tshirt stand out? Of course the logo itself! Les' Femmes edition. Tres' bien!

Selingan dari fashion show tuh, a collection of sweat pants was also introduced. Using baby terry as the fabric, it plays with fonts. Hmmm, I personally think sweat pants should be minimalist to enhance the masculinity side of the wearer, and Ben did a good job on that. I dare to say, this sweat pants should not only be a gym attire but also weekend look. How to get the look?

Simple, a sweatpants as the bottom, and a simple fitted white TShirt pair with sneakers and baseball cap. Sporty with casual look. It is so into the summer 2015 look as portrayed by Prada, and Givenchy.

Lupe lak nk mention about the price. For the Polo : RM 70 while the sweatpants : RM 75.. The sizes? Well snoop into their instagram. Click here.


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