“SYOSS, err never heard of it, and don’t want to know about it!” Yep, my first judgement when I noticed this brand during Jovian Fashion Show event.
Lo and Behold, presenting the next generation of Hair Shampoo

“Dude, ya saloon should use this SYOSS thingy lah, it is perfecto!” After 3 weeks of wearing this brand, I recommend to all the Saloon where I trim my hair around KL, Shah Alam and Malacca.

Weeks after using SYOSS, my hair is so easy to manage. Beralun kot, no need wax. This is the result!
I got quite a dry and coarse hair. Well, ain’t everyone perfect aite? I just use this brand less than a month, it shows some good sign.

First, kalo rambut yg kering and kasar bak besi dawai tuh, percentage dia terurus bak permukaan mutiara sangat lah tinggi. Dude, imagine, last time when I wanted to take a scroll or even buy my dinner, I NEVER LEFT WITHOUT putting some wax or something to look photo ready. But sekarang, kisah lagi, sbb this shampoo made my hair look shiny and wavy! Even literally I don’t need a comb to make it look sexy!

Thanks Salina PR & Associates for the package 
Second, it is super affordable. I received shampoo, conditioner, and keratin treatment. All of this cost less than 60 bucks. Well, those thing come in mambo size.

Thirdly, I just love the Gloss Jelly Gel. Super awesome yo! Heh, xtipu kot, when I look at the texture, it is super-duper glossy and very watery like. Just a little amount of it, well voila, your hair will look as in u just come back from a fashion show.

Lastly, they are user friendly! Yep sbb it is a normal dilemma when you bought some beauty products, they comes in sorts of ranges, and you does not know which one should appy dulu, but this SYOSS thingy, they label literally with 1,2 and 3. So xde lah terkial2 nak bubuh mane dulu kan!
Pakai SYOSS, supernova lah jadi nyer!

*Pssst, the gloss jelly is so to wash, and I wish the packaging comes in colorful colors!


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