Aisha Wong: A business trend setter for Accessories

You can make this as a bracelet or even your hair band!
Incredibly cheap! Insanely good quality. Wanted to find some accessories less than 30 bucks? At the same time look awesome and so couture?

I suggest you can shop online at here 

The name Aisha Wong. i first met this beautiful and talented business gal, last two years at tempatan fest!

1) I am a bloody student and all of the products does not comes with 3 numbers. All comes with 2 numbers.
2) It is of course an online shopping website. I just love online shopping especially local products.
3) IT IS LOCAL kot!!! Support Malaysia brand.
4) The accessories is RARE! There is no such thing as a main stream accessories sold here.

NK tgk owner dia. p instagram dia.

BTW, congratulations to her for the fashion spread in EH! magazine! See! The products are approved as FASHIONABLE!
This pouch cost only RM8..daaa super cheap! Kalo match ngan skinny denim  with white blouse and killer black heels, awesome kot!

*all photos from

I love this 


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