With 42 LOOKS,4 main concepts and cutting, 3 collections for 1 day,YEAP, the revolution of the new style for the upcoming raya. KUDOS to him.

Yesterday, was the first in the Malaysia's fashion industry where a local designer, choose a world fashion icon; Gabrielle Coco Chanel, as the muse!

I should say, the first thing came across when I read the press release, this should be another copy of Chanel's work, BUT IT WAS COMPLETELY WRONG.

In the press conference after the show case of Jovian RTW Raya 2014, he explained, the concept of using Coco as his muse, is not a consider as plagiarism but it just inspired by that. Even in his collection, he even made his fashion statement by the 2 looks of avant-grade.

1) COCO by JOVIAN RTW Raya 2014 collection

Kurung Peplum, Baju Kurung and Baju Kurung Pahang with modern cut. All his garments revolves of crepe, chiffon, tweed and lace! Available at JStore flagship store and!

The jovianista came to support his annual fashion show!

 2)Bridal Blossoms By Jovian Mandagie

Jovian plays with the concept of three-dimensional shapes, volumes and artful layers very well. From the first look till the end, awesome but I think JM can do much better in terms of styling and stage presentation. The make up can be super interesting if he uses abstract make up technique.

40 looks that memorable!

Reminds me of the Black Swan the Movie

Very Gatsby head piece! Adore!

Some of the guest. Is that Dato K' ex wife?

Deborah in the house! She is so beautiful!

Bill Bora, Raffelesia  PRO

Latest J HIJAB model!

Clutch by Jovian!

The media on duty!

3) BOHO RAYA by Jovian Mandagie

Ma fav!

Just love the embedded floral detailing. The pattern makes the women have a great posture. 

Congratulations Jovian! A great show indeed!


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