REGALE 2013!!!!

Personally when I first heard this word, literally the 'f' word came out from ma mouth. What the on earth is REGALE nie!!! hehehe..a wise action to choose this word. Well, atleast someone learn a new word yo!

Regale, according to the father of all dictionaries (OXFORD), to give pleasure or to amuseme someone. Well I DO AMUSE BY ALL THOSE BLOODY TASTY AND AWESOME SMELL from the food!

It was organized, by the faculty of hotel management and tourism UT MARA Shah Alam and was placed at one of the most luxurious and famous hall in UiTM, DATC..

Well, I kinda miss my ex culinary mates from my diploma batch, so I terjah to their final year event. KINDA pleased with the venue and set up but not the crowd.
Maybe next time, they can collaborate with MASSCOM to gather all the media personnel for the publicity! BTW GOOD JOB GUYS!

This one, rasa mcm nak curi satu jer!

Sepe xtelan air liur tgk benda alah nie, penipu!

One of the product made by the students.. I think this is the best packaging!


a BLUE RICE!WELL good idea to combine malay culture (nasi padang) with japanese culture (sushi)

This was my favourite among other carved fruits! The love, just add the spark to it!

TAHNIAH!!!.she was my junior..a very talented craver!


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