LEGEND in the house...Jimmy Choo, D shoes maker.

"You are an intelligent and polite person"...one of the magic words that made my day, uttered from Dato' Jimmy Choo. It was an honour to interview this shoes' maker of The Late Lady Diana. He's a very humble and not afraid to share information people.

The interview was take place during one of The Rafflesia Press Conference. Below is the interview:

Me: Dato, it is an honour for me to have you in my blog and share experiences with me

Dato: My pleasure too. I love to share.

Me: Dato what is the advice for young people like me who have the passion in fashion industry?

Dato: One thing, don't work hard! Be smart. Then you will succed in business. Be smart and learn. I started my business from below, and slowly gain the sucess. Not easy to be sucess cause it take lots of effort. My genuine intention is to set up a good image towards my citezens and want to make them proud as Malaysian.

Me: wow dato, nice shoes, yours isn't?

Dato: Yes,I design this shoes *looking at the shoes!

Me: Dato, forgive me if am wrong and my question hurt your feeling but what happen to your collobration process between Tamara and your company?

Dato: Oh, this is a normal question asked by British Press such as The Times. One thing I can comment about this issues, it all started from the idea of Tamara's late father wanna join as a company. I had make a promise to him, not to tell the internal issues to the public. I am not a person to tell stories about people. I want to serve my country and potrayed a good culture in the Malaysia. People respect me on who I am, and I want to stay that way. My only intention, wanna be a good example to Malaysia and I am proud to be a Malaysia's tourism ambassador.

Me: So, Dato's any final words to my readers or young people out there?

Dato's: To all the readers for this column, do enjoice your life and lead a healthy life style so your life will be proporus till the end. Thank You.

So that was among the conversation I had with him and I learned lots of thing from him today. He always advice me, don't be arrogant, be smart and one day you will be sucess. LOVE YOU JIMMY CHOO!

*on the way out from The Rafflesia room, my head knock out so hard on the glass door. Gosh my head swollen not long after!!!!

He is so inspiring people!

On the right top brow area, that's the bingo part being smashed onto the glass door!


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