MEN is THE WOMAN!men dominate! SPRING SUMMER 2013

LUXURIOUS!!!! who said we can't look like we are wearing designers brand,but just spend less than 100 dollars (i guess so).So here are some of the tips that you can use to implement the look of the SPRING N SUMMER 2013 men's collection into ya daily looks.


-from the top just pick up a double breasted blazer  with a gold buttons.use light green or mustard yellow
-for the shoes, stick to loafer.a simple chain on top just nice.maybe ya can check the clarks summer collection.nice though.
or else if just to create a casual look pair the blazers with sandals.a striking color.
-floral is just so into these days.choose one item in ya style have this floral elements


-  the theme is about tough this is best dedicated who have buffy body.beach look.use a simple bath robe, and take sorta of belt like in the runway.
ala bapak korg yg g haji tuh, ambik jer belt hijau yg ikat ihram tuh.stylo per.
-all about gold,GOLD and GOLD.
-killer sandals.just look for a high cut sandals.


-neutral colors..KHAKIS!!!stick to them.from head to toe.add some white into it.
-sandals really made an impact this year.well in the tropical country,straps sandal are just the one that made from leather.

I mean those three designer really made an impact to my taste though.others just not me n dull i guess.

SO ya all can look super duper cool with a super duper cheap materials..GOOD LUCK yo!!!!


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