Spring n Summer 2011 men's style projection 0_0

BOLD colors, geometric patterns, 'high' shoes layer, bow ties are apart from the SPRING AND SUMMER men style. Many fashion house still used BOLD colors in their collection such as PRADA, LOUIS VUITTON, BOTTEGA VENETA, n PAUL SMITH.

note: Photo source from -> style.com

VERSACE :geometrical patterns with lines and triangles. Black and white as their trademark.

PRADA : bold colors with geometrical patterns.. Note the double layer of the leather shoes.(like heels but in a flat version)

PAUL SMITH: still used the 'weird and fresh' model look. use a fancy pattern wit striking colors. Use lots of high cut boots.

LOUIS VUITTON: same as bottega veneta, use white in their most garments collection. Present the world with different perception of bold colors: striking khakis...note most of the fashion houses try to invent new look on the waist.

BOTTEGA VENETA: use mainly white as their closing color. smart but quite dull for me.

Another thing i kinda impress one of the runway look, michael kors invent the new style of using belt :

So guys out there, if u wanna follow up this spring summer 2011 collection style, REMEMBER, bold, geometrical patterns and the michael kors belt knot....

Good luck ><


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