Red + Luck = Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Red is the best color for house decorations and OF COURSE the NEW SHIRTS,CHEONGSAM, or garments during CNY. Here are the BIG DAY looks for this upcoming festive:

Of course we'll talk about the traditional clothes first:


photo taken
This is a knee length cheongsam.If u wanna make the heels/flats and clutch as the subject,wear the knee length cheongsam.

Pair that with a clutch and heels:


Tips: Try lo match your clutch with a color that contra with your cheongsam. The best is white with a red details to strike the style. Avoid black cause i believe it is not a good color in CNY right?

The shoes:

Photo taken:

Tips: Try not to make all ur garments same color from head to toe.Play with colors BUT NOT TOO MUCH COLOR.3 is the best. BTW,wearing heels with correct color like this one,save u from looking a weirdo and at the same time look stunning!!!

If u wanna seek comfort,after lots of houses to visit, try flats

Photo taken:gucci

Important: Flats is not really looks sweet on 30 and above.Try to avoid them cause you will look YOUNG IN A VERY VERY WRONG WAY!!!

To be continue about the dudes look.


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