Spledid week

Currently still in the mood of holiday. Lalala:)

Wow, I still don't believe i can manage to finish another semester in Uitm Penang. Despite of all those bloody assignment, I managed to get rid of those pain stacking job from my mind. I gotta admit, the most difficult assignment is SOD report.Lots of dirty jobs i had to do, to make it up. But all those hard work pay me off when Mr Dayat said i have the best report in my class. Really blush me up and fiy, i don't care if people wanna see me as an arrogant person cause i really made it myself and there is no plagarism or bahasa pasarnya 'copy and paste'. I really deserve that compliment.
Getting prepared for BEL311. wish me luck...
Next post will about a fashion add. Insya Allah


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