wELL, should i start with >>>>>still blur in life. Eventually, life in penang is quite better compared to last sem.Here r the list of my new lecture"

1 Baking(Puan Ruby): freshly married to a very cute man. Mula2 ingat akak senior ktorg but terkejut gak dpt th dia ajar baking. Class kite jadi happening disbbkan dia.n one more thing i like about her is her blusy blusy cheek.Peh,very nice,leh jadi inspiration for make -up artist this seasons.

2. Food Science(cHEF dAYAT): never judge the book by its cover man. Dia nie walupun suara mcm menakutkan je, tp peh very funny man,dude. Suka sgt dia buat lawak dia.

Marketing(Miss Nani): Asal lah lecture kite semuanye muda2.Cantik beb lecure nie.Tgh mencari lagi.hehehhe.

To be continue.....


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