A week before exam!

Wow.I had been here almost a month.The time really pass by so fast! WAH,banyak assigment nak kena hantar. Assigment CTU lah, dengan lecture bagi quiz guna online. What the heck.I never did an online quiz.Well,except JPJ quiz,friendster quizez.K, fine i did took a lot of online quizez but not as formal this one. What to do.Kita baru part one so kena dengar ckp lecture. apa org cakap kena berlagak jadi teacher's pet sementara waktu saja which is my expertize.huhuhuhu.dulu boleh lah jadi teacher's pet tapi kat u dah lain.tak de lagi kes kalau jadi selalu Bodek lecture u can get 4 flat.tipu je kalau ada abg senior ckp.It just not logic.Anyway, back to my life.Masa nie juga ada conflict ngan kawan aku.no wait i don't really anggap him as my 'frenz' just a mate only.Hugh tension nye.Lps tuh rasa mcm tak adil bagi papa rap gi Pertandingan cooking kat KLCC nanti for 1 week.Hugh.They will stay in 5 star hotels with all the well garnished food.Well u know when u r in this field,this kind of oppurnity,u have to grab it. It likes u have a genuine LV beg.But pikir-pikir balik,it's not that easy to become a papa rap,diorang kena buat banyak keje so mcm worth it ngan apa yg diorang akan experience. K, fine, I admit I'm bit jealous.Just keep my fingers crossing so that i will get that kind of oppurnity.So mengatuklah, nak tido lah.Hoping that I will get a better day than today. Bonne- nuit.!Assalamualaikum.


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